What is DURAR?

DURAR is an international event that aims to foster innovation and creativity in cultural heritage.


In this time of unprecedented change and increased resource constraints worldwide, the potential of the creative industries as a driver of socio-economic development is significant, DURAR offers a dynamic and contemporary platform to share the experience of creatives and experts on how innovative use of cultural heritage can be an investment opportunity for their cities that leads to economic growth.

Is heritage cool?

The role of creatives is essential in preserving cultural heritage in a a contemporary way, weaving cultural narratives through their works, exploring local recourses and innovative methods of production and consumption, DURAR joins the most creative minds from different sectors such as design, crafts, music, gastronomy, fashions, illustration and others to share their stories and how their work is contributing to the shaping the cultural brand and identity of the city.

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So, what to talk about?

Well, in the last years, we were lucky to explore and share many exciting and innovative topics, check the list below, yet, we still feel that more topics need to be explored! Here are some,

How cultural heritage can brand your city?

Curating art and design projects based in local culture.
Innovative gastronomy and local context
Traditions of the future: Crafts & design
Contemporary performance arts and cultural heritage
Innovative management models for cultural HUBs
How to leverage local heritage for innovation in handicraft and cultural tourism
Promoting cultural & creative professionals
Virtual Reality Storytelling, a 3D heritage
Experimental illustration and local narratives
Digital technology to rethink vernacular architecture

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Lets DURAR your city!

We are so glad to be able to shake the creative scene in many cities around the globe through our events in Africa, Europa, Latin America, South Caucasus and many other, we’ve been traveling and meeting amazing people all around, Check our stories in these cities.

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December 2014 | December 2015

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December 2014 | December 2015

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