Creative Dialogue is a creative agency for design, contemporary crafts, and cultural projects. Operating globally with special focus in the Middle East and the GCC region, the agency is led by founder and director Samer Yamani

We specialize in the creative direction and curation of design collections, exhibitions, programs, and content creation. Our core strength lies in our deep understanding of local culture and narratives. We have a demonstrated track record to integrate this cultural richness into our design and innovation projects for design organizations, brands, designers and cultural institutions alike.

Founded in Barcelona, the agency has a global outlook, with projects spanning over 40 cities worldwide across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the South Caucasus – and a particular focus on the Arabian Gulf region.


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— We define and develop creative projectsWe specialize in developing and curating bespoke creative projects – from conceptualization to execution. Our focus is on delivering transformative experiences that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. We provide creative consultancy to design brands, design galleries and design organizations as well as to both establishing and emerging designers. We facilitate collaborations that maximize value for our Clients.

— Reach out to your desired communities & audiencesWe actively engage with communities, organizations, and stakeholders to create meaningful impact. Through experiential workshops, outreach programs, and community-driven initiatives, we foster connections and inspire positive change through the power of design and creativity.

— We believe in the power of narrativeThrough creative consultancy and curation, we unlock the full potential of our clients by giving guidance, inspiration, and innovative solutions. We collaborate closely with our Clients to develop projects rooted in design and creativity – always aligned with their narrative and story, goals, drive innovation, and overcome challenges.

— We take care of your creative productionsOur meticulous project management ensures smooth execution and timely delivery of any project. We handle local and international productions: logistics, budgeting, resource allocation, and stakeholder coordination, allowing our clients to focus on their vision while we handle the details.

Global Vision, Agility, & Dedication.

Why us? Well

Cultural InsightCreative ProductionImplementation ExpertiseAgility

— Deep Understanding of Local Culture and Design/Crafts SceneWe possess a clear and profound knowledge of the local culture and design/crafts scene throughout the Middle East and the GCC region in particular. This expertise allows us to connect with the local context, leverage cultural nuances, and create meaningful experiences that resonate with audiences.

—Extensive Network of ContactsOver the years, we have cultivated an extensive network of contacts and allies in both the Middle East and Europe. This network includes talented designers, skilled makers, reliable factories, and accomplished craftsmen. Our deep connections enable us to access the right resources and pick the best in the industry.

— Global Vision, Agility, & DedicationAs a highly-specialized agency counting on a global network of creative agents and professionals, we are agile, adaptable, and highly dedicated. We are able to swiftly respond to client needs, pivot when necessary, and deliver exceptional results efficiently: our size allows us to provide personalized attention and maintain a dynamic and world-ranging workflow.

— Consultancy & Implementation ExpertiseWe blend the best of both worlds by offering a unique combination of consultancy and implementation services. As a production agency, we excel at delivering turn-key projects, providing comprehensive 360 services that cover the entire project lifecycle – from ideation to full-scale production.

— Bridging CulturesOur team comprises individuals who bring together diverse cultural backgrounds, ensuring a holistic approach to our work. We understand the local scene and culture intimately, enabling us to navigate and collaborate effectively within local audiences.

— Strong Track Record of SuccessCreative Dialogue has been boasting a strong track record of delivering successful and exceptionally unique projects for over a decade. According to our clients and audience, we are proud to have consistently demonstrated our ability to bring innovative ideas to life with excellence in execution. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects that have made a lasting impact and garnered recognition.

Team, Network & Collaborators

“Excellence, Talent, Strategy”A Global Network of Creatives

We can count on an extraordinary team and network of collaborators and allies that embodies a vast network of talent, skills, and cultural perspectives. With diverse backgrounds and expertise spanning the globe, our team brings a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and cultural fluency to every project: from design mavens to craft leaders and cultural strategists, our talented professionals collaborate seamlessly, leveraging their local and international insights to deliver outstanding results.

Founder & Creative Director

Samer Yamani

Samer Yamani is a Curator and Creative Director, expert in design and innovative crafts. With over 15 years of international experience, Samer has led Creative Dialogue in implementing projects across MENA, Latin America, Europe, and the South Caucasus.

Throughout his career, Samer has developed numerous international design programs, curated compelling exhibitions, and produced exceptional design collections. He has collaborated with prestigious institutions, ministries of culture, museums, art foundations, brands, and designers to bring his creative vision to life. His focus has been particularly centered on the Gulf Region (GCC) and the Middle East, where he has passionately nurtured the design and crafts scene. In his most recent endeavor, Samer Yamani served as the Director of the Design and Crafts Programme at Expo 2020 Dubai. He led the MENASA – Emirati Design Platform, promoting and empowering the design and crafts scene in the UAE through collaborative projects between local and international artisans and designers.

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