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Amman Design Week

The Innovative Crafts Lab is a program developed by Creative Dialogue in collaboration with Amman Design Week. In the first edition, Marshmello, participants were engaged in a process of co-creation over the subsequent three phases, and were offered a seed fund as well as guidance and mentorship by Samer Yamani, Creative Director – Barcelona, and Matteo Silvero, a glassblowing expert – Murano Italy.

The program was developed in 3 phases including:

  • A 3-day Design Lab in Amman, where participants worked with a Creative Director to brainstorm, research, and conceptualize their project.
  • 3 weeks of Online coaching guiding the research, design concept and design development and the solution of technical aspects for the prototypes.
  • Prototype production with the selected craftspeople to produce works using clay and glass.

The results

The Jordanian emerging designers who took part on the program had the unique opportunity to work hand-in-hand with local craftsmen to produce unique, multifaceted design pieces that combine clay and glass. The pieces were researched, conceptualized, and produced during the program, and debuted to an international audience at Amman Design Week 2019.

The Experts