Fa’nanArt Residency Program


Misk Art Institute

Fa’nan is an exceptional experience targeting 10 Saudi emerging creatives that were selected through an open-call process, they will take part in an educational and inspirational 4-months program that includes, inspiration trip, Art LABs, online coaching and will be presented through a dedicated exhibition, bringing forth a professional platform in the creative industry by enhancing knowledge awareness, critique, research and experimentation to empower and support the artists.

The Concept

Under the concept of Determinism vs Indeterminism, the program is designed to explore the two extreme sides of art and design making process, the determination VS the indetermination of using data, materials and function and endless possibilities. Both schools represent a coherent process of creating and producing art works using the ultimate digital process VS the crafty handmade one, both inspired from local Saudi content and context.

The Experts