Theme: Cultural Heritage – Rebranding Cities.
How to Leverage Local Heritage for Innovation in Cultural and Popular Festivals

Date: November 2018
Place: Ithra, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture – Tanween closing event.
Miguel Arraiz: Burning Man / Las Fallas – USA / Spain
Illya Haro: The Day of the Dead – Mexico
Nora Dabal: Head of Art and Culture of the Royal Commission in Al Ula – KSA
Noor Aldabbagh: Head of Visual Arts at the General Culture Authority – KSA

‘Creating local heritage inspired projects’ By Samer Yamani
‘Building inspirational Saudi celebrations’ By Miguel Arraiz
‘Communicating local culture globally’ By Illya Haro

Supported by:
Ithra, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture